mAvik Thumbnails 2


Advanced plugin for CMS Joomla! 3.x for creating thumbnails with a simple to use. You need only insert original image to text and resize to necessary size.


  • create thumbnail and replace original image to thumbnail;
  • support of graphic libraries: GD2, ImageMagick, GraphicsMagick;
  • add link for pop-up window: Slimbox, Magnific Popup, uikit Lightbox, Highslide (for non-commercial sites -;
  • add link to full text in blogs;
  • default sizes;
  • proportions: keep aspect ratio, cut to fit, keep area, stretch;
  • include/exclude images with the specified classes;
  • works with remote images;
  • skip images inside links;
  • add meta-tag og:image;
  • different settings for different contexts.

For developers:

  • html-code can be replaced in template;
  • you can use your own type of pop-up window, only put it in decorators/popups;
  • you can write your own handler for contexts, put in in decorators/context;
  • thumbnail generator is separated to library mavik/thumb, you can use in your extensions or templates.
Languages: English, Germany, French, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Finnish, Chinese, Estonian, Swedish, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Serbian (latin), Bulgarian, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Czech.
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